"International biomedical health city" project of human health organization It will be settled in Tianjin high tech Zone, China

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Tianjin Binhai high tech Industrial Development Zone, China

The "international biomedical health city" project (hereinafter referred to as "health city" project) led by human health organization (HHO) will designedly be settled in Tianjin Binhai high tech Industrial Development Zone, China (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin high tech Zone), and promote the establishment of HHO China headquarters base in Tianjin to jointly build a "health city".

The "health city" project is jointly initiated by HHO, two well-known pharmaceutical listed groups in China and four units of Tianjin financial investment chamber of Commerce. The project is based on the three major directions that include medicine, food and environment which are closely related to COVID-19 and ”human health”. It is a multi sectoral, multi national and multi field global joint effort to build a human health and health community.

The "health city" project takes international project docking and professional scientific research development as the two cores, and takes biomedicine, modern traditional Chinese medicine, innovative drugs and medical devices as the four mainsectors, gradually forming a biomedical high-end industrial polymer with international vision and pattern.


"Health city" project and HHO China headquarters office building

According to Mr. Chen Si,project leader of the "health city" project and the executive chairman of HHO, the total investment of the "health city" project is planned to be 5 billion yuan, and the annual output value is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan. At present, it has reached a cooperaitive intention with Tianjin municipal government and Tianjin high tech Zone on the investment and cooperative development of "health city" project, and jointly established a medical high-tech health investment fund.

The first batch of "health city" project plans to introduce new drug products from well-known listed pharmaceutical groups in China, the latest crown vaccine new drug production line developed by the national team, the exclusive dosage form production line of famous traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, the latest fourth generation IPL light pulse dry eye therapeutic instrument of high-tech medical enterprises, and the robot assisted joint prosthesis implantation system that breaks through the highest technical barrier of orthopaedic implants by emerging biotechnology enterprises. The most advanced bio absorbable sports medicine products, trauma and sports medicine products in China, the picosecond medical beauty laser project of the doctoral team of the national top scientific research institution, the waist bound exoskeleton robot project, the 985 innovative invention patent noise reduction hearing aid (air guide and bone Guide) project, the exoskeleton robot project and more than 10 high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises, colleges, institutions and related projects.

Mr. Chen Si, executive chairman of HHO, introduced that HHO's China headquarters base will be launched in Tianjin synchronously, and HHO's human health research institute will be introduced to lay the foundation for HHO to officially enter China and operate the "health city" project, and choose the opportunity to introduce international well-known institutions, projects and companies in the field of biomedicine to jointly settle in the "health city".

According to the speeches of director Chen Hongbo and director Wang Bing of the food and Drug Administration of Tianjin high tech Zone, Tianjin high tech Zone is one of the first batch of national high-tech industrial development zones in China. With the leading level of biotechnology and modern pharmaceutical industry, Tianjin high tech Zone has become an important base for China's biomedical industry. In the latest outline of Tianjin's 14thfive-year plan, the biomedical industry is one of the key industries in Tianjin to build a "1 + 3 + 4" modern industrial system, which brings new opportunities for the development of biomedical industry in Tianjin high tech Zone. Tianjin high tech Zone will successively issue a number of industrial support policies to vigorously support the incubation and settlement of international and domestic biomedical and medical enterprises, institutions and institutes, accelerate industrial innovation and transformation, and cultivate the echelon of "two giant enterprises" dominated by large backbone enterprises and innovative small and micro enterprises; Give play to the driving force of government guided funds such as Haihe industrial fund, improve the vitality of industrial capital, accelerate the construction of major projects, cultivate the ecology of Tianjin biomedical industry and boost the development of enterprises.


Chen Si (first from the right), executive chairman of HHO, and Hao zongfeng (first from the left), director of biomedicine Bureau of high tech Zone

In addition, according to Hao zongfeng, director of biomedical Investment Promotion Bureau of Tianjin high tech Zone, Tianjin has high expectations for the biomedical industry, and Tianjin high tech Zone also has high expectations for the "health city" project. The "healthy city" project has been chosen to be located in the Tianjin high tech Zone. It responds to the grand vision of President Xi Jinping's "joint efforts to build a community of human health and health" and the ambitious goal of Tianjin's "14th five-year plan". It also be expected to promote the "healthy city" project effectively by developing the environment and clustering effect of the excellent high-tech pharmaceutical industry in Tianjin high tech Zone. Form an emerging industrial cluster dominated by international docking, innovative research & development and achievement transformation of biomedical industry, promote the green development of biomedical industry in Tianjin, achieve two-way mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. According to the development spirit of biomedical industry in Tianjin high tech Zone, biomedical Investment Promotion Bureau of Tianjin high tech Zone is formulating and will soon issue a number of industrial support policies to vigorously support the incubation, settlement and common development of international and domestic biomedical medical enterprises, institutions and institutes.

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