Light has been an integral part of life since humans appeared on earth billions of years ago. Light, in essence, is a kind of electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic field, like the atmosphere and gravity we are accustomed to, is a basic component of our living environment.

In 1895 Dutch physiologist Willem Einthoven invented the earliest electrocardiogram and measuring device, wining the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1924. Since the invention of MRI and other technologies in the 1970s, scientists have been able to perform electromagnetic imaging analysis of the weak fields in various parts of the human body; related diagnostic techniques have emerged again. In 1979, the FDA approved the first medical device based on electromagnetic pulses, and electromagnetic medicine began to revive.

Electromagnetic medicine itself is quite broad, and many electromagnetic wave bands have active interactions with the human body. The low frequency EMF pulse device charges trillions of cells in the human body, thereby repairing the cells, and restoring and improving health. Infrared and near infrared irradiation is another type of treatment technology.

The therapeutic mechanisms of light and electromagnetics on organisms are still under study and are scientific frontiers. At present, several mechanisms are discovered; one of the most important ones is that the therapy stimulates the production of cellular energy ATP through the photosynthesis of mitochondria in the cell. Another mechanism is that it creates a temporary metabolic stress, which helps the cells build an immune system that fights inflammation and oxidation.

Light and electromagnetic therapies are part of energy medicine and holistic medicine. They have a long history and many therapeutic advantages. HHO is engaged in the research, development and promotion of energy medicine technologies; they will play an important role in advancing health interventions.

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