More Details about Plant-based Milk

2018-06-07 09:00:23 Jimbin Mai, Ph.D. 36

Since we are into the subject of plant-based milks, we might as well dig down to the bottom of it to learn more about the general nutrition of them in comparison of the gold stand, cow' milk.  To facilitate our discussion, a table of comparison is compiled below to facilitate our discussion.

图片 1.png

In terms of protein, soymilk is most close to cow’s milk followed by hemp milk.  If you are to choose plant-based milk based on its protein content, I would not recommend the choice of either rice or almond milk.   However, for fat content, coconut milk has a whopping 552 Kcal due to its high fat content of 57g per 8oz or 240g serving.  The fat contents of both walnut and cashew milks also exceed that of the cow’s whole milk.   None of the milks presented here are sugar-added.  All the sugar comes from the original milk including lactose and other simple sugars.  

Now the choice is yours for your personal flavor and nutritional preference, I have done my part and good plant-based milk drinking!

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