International Partnership for Immunity

We are now in a dark moment of the Covid-19 pandemic. To varying degrees people across all borders are being infected with the virus, many have lost their lives; and it strikes any and all people regardless. When the world is engaged in a life-and-death rescue regardless of race, color, culture background, or political standpoints, it is indeed a vivid manifestation of the international humanitarian spirit, a people-oriented, mission-shared worldwide cooperation. The situation, however, could be made to help promote lasting peace on earth and help build a common future for the mankind if we cope well.  

The pandemic is fierce, and it will not disappear immediately. It is hard to say if it will last 10 years or 100 years… We in the global village must learn to live with it. Fortunately, the body has the immune system as a natural defense barrier; a powerful immune capacity will fend off even tough invading viruses and bacteria. In addition, a strong mental stamina will also cut down the virus' ability to attack. We can say, strengthening immunity is to give life a real-time backup!

Optimal immunity is also a long-term goal in the health of an individual. In order to help make positive progress in global immunity, Human Health Organization calls for an international partnership for immunity, which will have the following objectives and characteristics.

Advocacy for exemplary products for improving immune functions and formulation of related guidelines and good practices: the platform will feature international endorsement of products and establishment of guidelines as coordinated by Human Health Organization, which will be conducted by medicinal, nutritional, health and gourmet experts from around the world. Manufacturers and products selected into the partnership shall meet the qualifications and standards set by the platform. Meanwhile, they will receive certain privileges and benefits. The platform is headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, with convenient access for international development and global business stature; San Diego is also home to one of the world's top biomedicine research and development centers (biotech valley).

Improving immunity, fighting viruses, and health for everyone are universal concerns. Your valuable suggestions and collaboration are welcome so that we could together make the greatest contribution to enhancing immunity to fight viruses for all people.

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