UNeed Product Tasting, August 13, 2015

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August 13, 2015, Beijing: The Human Health Organization and the YKY Group have completed a successful product tasting today in Beijing.  

After seven years of research and development guided by a dozen of world-class nutrition experts, HHO and YKY Group have ultimately created a delicious fast food product - "hand-held pizza." Branded as “UNeed,” it boasts a scientific formula with balanced nutrition for optimal human health. 

Combining the efforts and wisdom from global health and nutrition experts with the essence of traditional Chinese health cultivation practices, HHO and YKY Group have created an array of healthy food products. The freshly minted nutritional fast food brand "UNeed", with its color and vitality, attracts many people of keen concern with health and sparks another wave of health revolution. HHO Chairperson Ms. Su Lin presides over the tasting event today and she is joined by guests from the China Cuisine Association, the Model Innovation Alliance of China, Xinhua News and China Net, among others.

Hand-held pizza, "UNeed" signature product, is light in appearance and of course easy to hold in hand. The pizza dough contains rich carbohydrates, a good amount of vitamins from a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as seafood and meat nutrients that the human body needs; plus the cheese-rich high protein is more conducive to the body's absorption of calcium. UNeed drinks feature a variety of cocktail vegetable juices, which go without any additives in the science based nutrients and yet help promote metabolism and enhance vitality. A dessert dubbed “Dual-nuts Baby” has a lot of walnuts and almonds in it, full of protein and essential unsaturated fatty acids, etc., and helps the body in a wide range of health functions.

The UNeed series healthy delicacy has won the acclaim of all the guests present. The excitement from the visionary concept, the exquisite taste, and the bright prospect for success concludes the tasting event. 

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